Customizing Painterly Rendering Styles Using Stroke Processes

Mingtian Zhao         Song-Chun Zhu
University of California, Los Angeles & Lotus Hill Institute


In this paper, we study the stroke placement problem in painterly rendering, and present a solution named stroke processes, which enables intuitive and interactive customization of painting styles by mapping perceptual characteristics to rendering parameters. Using our method, a user can adjust styles (e.g., Fig.1) easily by controlling these intuitive parameters. Our model and algorithm are capable of reflecting various styles in a single framework, which includes point processes and stroke neighborhood graphs to model the spatial layout of brush strokes, and stochastic reaction-diffusion processes to compute the levels and contrasts of their attributes to match desired statistics. We demonstrate the rendering quality and flexibility of this method with extensive experiments.

Paper and Slides

Paper Slides presented at NPAR 2011


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